Para-Med-Ex RI DNA Testing Paternity Testing
Para-Med-Ex is the Rhode Island / Southern MA expert for DNA testing, paternity testing, and other relationship testing. Hospitals, medical centers, attorneys and private individuals across RI, MA and Southeastern CT rely on Para-Med-Ex for quick, 99.99% accurate tests at the most competitive prices.

For your convenience and privacy we now offer MOBILE DNA COLLECTIONS which can be done in the privacy of your home or another location of your choosing. Additional fees apply please see the pricing link for details. Of course our office is also always available for the collections if you prefer.

The most accurate DNA Testing and
Paternity Testing available

Accurate DNA Testing Paternity RI The Para-Med-Ex DNA testing process is the most stringent, most precise testing process available to you and your family. Our level of accuracy is higher than most states and governments standards and results are legally admissible in all US courts.
Our laboratory testing partner is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), which promotes the highest standards of DNA testing for laboratories.

An easy, painless process for testing

Beginning with our initial meeting or phone conference through the final test results and personal consultation, Para-Med-Ex makes the process of DNA identity and paternity testing as easy for you as possible.

We know that DNA testing is a new experience for you, so we give you all the facts and information you need to make your personal decisions. Para-Med-Ex counselors will answer the questions you may not know to ask then make recommendations to assist you in making your personal decisions easier.
Buccal swab for DNA Testing Paternity Testing RI The testing procedure starts with a simple, non-invasive buccal swab from inside the mouth. Once completed, the swab is securely packaged and sent to our partner lab for analysis and reporting.

Find out the results of DNA Testing and
Paternity Testing quickly

Put your mind at ease quickly with Para-Med-Ex. DNA and Paternity test results are usually available within 3 business days, although expedited testing results are available.
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paternity testing available at Para-Med-Ex >>>
Mobile DNA Phlebotomy Collection RI
In addition to DNA testing and collections performed in our office, Para-Med-Ex also has an extensive network of professional phlebotomists who can perform mobile DNA and Phlebotomy collections for other parties. Contact Us to learn more >>>
Para-Med-Ex RI DNA Testing Paternity Testing
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Benefits to RI DNA Testing Paternity Testing
Parents requiring to identify the custody and/or
  visitation rights of their children

Parents seeking child support

Grandparents wanting to verify the identity of their

Adoptees who want to identify their biological
  family members

Individuals verifying their relationship to the
  deceased to ensure rightful inheritance and
  social security benefits

People wanting to verify sibling relationships

Individuals looking for missing family members

Twins wishing to determine if they are identical
  or fraternal
Download a list of frequently asked
questions for DNA testing and
Paternity Testing here >>>
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405 Kilvert St, Suite D    Warwick, RI 02886    (401) 681-4923
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